Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Boxing Day & New Years Deals 2017

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How much will the Galaxy Note 8 be on Boxing Day & New Years 2018?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a popular phone of 2016 until, unfortunately, it started catching fire and was recalled and eventually discontinued. This was a terrible end to an otherwise great year for the tech giant, and also for consumers who bought the Note 7. Despite the bad press, the phone was loved by its users and many have been eagerly waiting the release of the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017. However, due to the Note 7 being discontinued, we have limited data available to make predictions on the Note 8 Boxing Day & New Years deals, so are relying on a combination of and S8 and older Note model price data.

During 2017, there were several periods where the price of the Galaxy S8 was dropped by around 20%, as well as other discounts in the region of 10-15%. Based off this data, as well as other data for older Note models, we predict that there could be Galaxy Note 8 Boxing Day & New Years deals in the region of 15-20%.

This is likely one of the biggest phone releases of 2017 and we think Samsung have some making up to do to their loyal Note users. We’re hoping to see some of the best discounts from Samsung on the Galaxy Note 8 during Boxing Day & New Years 2017. If you’re thinking of buying, we recommend sitting tight and waiting to see if there are any Note 8 Boxing Day & New Years price drops!

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Boxing Day & New Years Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs & Key Features

S-Pen – Samsung has done a great job on the stylus and it’s what really sets the smartphone apart from the competition.  There are many great uses for the S-Pen:

  • You can take notes, draw and edit photos much easier than with your finger, or with a mouse and keyboard.
  • You can send animated Gifs to your friends using the live message feature. This live message is compatible with Fb messenger, Whatsapp, Viber and other chat apps – awesome!
  • You can highlight text and instantly translate, this also works with currency converting if you need quick conversions.

Dual Camera – this is the first Samsung phone to have a dual camera. It’s one of the most powerful duo cameras on the market and includes optical image sensors for both cameras.

6.3″ Screen – the Galaxy Note 8 at 6.3″ is bigger than the Galaxy S8 plus, making it Samsung’s largest flagship phone released in 2017.

Aspect ratio 18.5:9 – this is different from other large phones like the iPhone 7 plus or Huawei Mate 9, it’s an unconventional width, but helps smaller hands to comfortably hold the larger screen.

Body made of curved gorilla glass 5 – Gorilla Glass is a tough & durable, scratch resistant glass that still remains lightweight.

Water and dust resistant – whilst this feature is nothing new, there are some improvements on the technology for the Galaxy Note 8.  The screen and S-pen still work whilst the screen is wet. Also, if your ports are exposed to water for too long, you’ll get a warning to let you know not to charge your phone until it dries. This is a nice touch and could potentially save your note 8!

New Protective Cover – the new protective cover is apparently built to military standards. It not only protects the phone but acts as a stand to watch movies etc. It’s also really nice to draw using the stylus and stand together.

Software – The note runs last years software, the Samsung Nougat, it isn’t clear when the Oreo update will be supported.

Some things to consider when buying the Note 8 on Boxing Day & New Years Deals Week

  • The screen is absolutely stunning and a true delight to use. The images appear incredibly sharp and the color is unbelievably rich. It’s great for gaming, taking photos and other uses.
  • With 6GB RAM and the Snapdragon A35 processor, the phone can run applications seamlessly with a smooth operating system.
  • The dual sensor camera and new interface give a great camera experience/quality.
  • A great looking and well designed phone.
  • It has a headphone jack! Seriously – why do phone companies keep removing these…

Some drawbacks of the Note 8 on Boxing Day & New Years

  • A 3300 mAh battery could be considered low. However, higher mAh doesn’t necessarily mean the battery will last longer as factors like software optimization, chip efficiency and display can influence battery life. For example, one YouTube test found the Note 8 had the second longest battery life when compared with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, iPhone 8 Plus & Oneplus 5.
  • The glass is great for protection, but it does attract a lot of fingerprints. We think it seems more noticeable on the black version than the orchid gray or deep sea blue.
  • We felt it to be a bit of a disappointment that Samsung hasn’t corrected the somewhat difficult finger placement from the Galaxy S8 on the Note 8 release.
  • The speaker is very quiet, but we guess that’s the price you pay for almost edge to edge screens!

Galaxy S8 or Note 8 black friday cyber monday

What are the Key Differences between the Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy S8?

S-pen – If you like drawing, illustration or just sending handwritten notes to friends, then the Galaxy Note 8 is perfect for you. Both the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 are very similar, but the stylus is what really sets it apart.

Camera – the actual picture quality on the Note 8 and the S8 are the same as they use the same camera sensor. However, the Note 8 has a slightly different User Interface (UI). The most notable aspect is being able to take photos using the whole screen of the phone is lovely to shoot with. Because the Note 8 uses a dual sensor, there are a number of extra things you can do with the camera:

  • Blur the background of the photo in real time as well as playing with it later on in the gallery – awesome!
  • 2X optical zoom without losing any quality.
  • Super fast autofocus. Seriously, we found the autofocus technology is incredibly fast.

Size: the Note 8 is 195 grams / 8.6mm thick, it’s bigger than the S8, which makes it the largest device Samsung has released in 2017.

Galaxy Note 8 Boxing Day Deals

We recommend waiting for any Galaxy Note 8 Boxing Day price drops to be released. The smartphone market is more competitive than ever. With last years product recall, we’re hoping to see considerable discounts on the Galaxy Note 8 on Boxing Day and all through to New Years Day sales. The phone is currently available for preorder, so you can’t physically own it yet anyway.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Boxing Day & New Years Price Drops

We will be monitoring the live Galaxy Note 8 as we approach Boxing Day & New Years deals week. Check back in November for any news releases relating to date Galaxy Note 8 Boxing Day & New Years deals and price drops.


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