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Best Nvidia Shield Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Nvidia Shield Black Friday Deal Expectations

So you’ve read about the Shield below and realized you want to pick up one of these devices, when should you buy? What price should you expect to pay?

As this model was released last year, we might expect the Nvidia Shield Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts to be a bit better than last year. This is because the tech is a bit older now so Nvidia will have been able to recuperate some of the R & D costs. We recommend to buy the Shield as soon as you see a discount to avoid disappointment, as stocks may not last in the Black Friday frenzy. We keep this page updated with any news we find on Black Friday & Cyber Monday Nvidia Shield deals, so make sure to check back for updates!

Last update was on: October 4, 2023 8:00 am

Nvidia Shield Black Friday Buyers Guide

There are a number of different products in the Nvidia Shield range, including streaming devices, tablets and portable games consoles. Check out some of our favorites below, or look for Black Friday deals on Nvidia Shield products above.

Nvidia Shield TV

With the launch of the Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast and Roku Devices, TV streaming devices have become more popular than ever. These devices enable you to stream content from popular apps and channels. The Nvidia Shield TV can be little more than that, it’s a powerful streaming & gaming device packed into one! The Shield is a high-end device, so we can’t blame you for wanting some Nvidia Shield TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for 2023! First, here’s the key specs.

Nvidia shield TV & Pro Black Friday sales

Nvidia Shield TV Key Features
  • Stream in 4K HDR – Stream films, shows and games in super high quality. You can also stream in 1080p if your TV does not support 4k.
  • Super Fast – From streaming to the sleek UI, everything on this device operates so quickly and smoothly. It just works.
  • Voice Search Technology – The controller and remote are both fitted with Google’s voice search technology. Just speak what film, game or show you want to watch and the Shield searches through loads of apps to find what you’re looking for! The Nvidia Shield TV is now also compatible with the Amazon ecosystem, so can be controlled with Alexa too.
  • SmartThings – Now compatible with Samsung SmartThings for integration with your Smart Home.
  • Game Streaming – Stream PC games in 4K HDR to your TV via GeForce NOW. You also have access to exclusive Android games only available on Shield, as well as being able to stream your own PC library direct from your machine.
  • Controller Mapping – In-built software automatically maps controls for a transition from PC based games to the console. Whether the controller is included or not will depend on the package you get.
  • Connect Controllers from other Devices – This awesome feature lets you connect other controllers, such as the Xbox One S, by simply adding it as a Bluetooth device.
  • Compatible with many Apps – Access to popular apps like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Plex, Kodi and YouTube, plus many more.
  • 16 GB Internal Storage – Should you want to store files on the device, it has in built storage. Unfortunately, there is no SD card slot on the basic model to expand the storage, but you can connect external memory via USB. The SD card slot is available in the Pro model, which also has upgraded 500 GB storage.
  • Great Support – If you have any issues the online support and customer service are excellent. If you purchase a Nvidia Shield on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and it has faulty hardware, be sure to contact Nvidia and request a replacement.

Nvidia Shield TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Nvidia Shield Portable

The Nvidia Shield Portable is a nice little handheld gaming device with some cool features. It’s been out for a couple of years now, but we still think this is a great handheld games console in 2023! The unit resembles an Xbox controller, but with a 5-inch fold-able screen attached to the top. This screen displays in 720p, so is pretty decent quality, it’s also a touch screen which is handy.

Since this is a portable device designed for private gaming, it also features a headphone jack so you can plug in and game without disturbing others. However, it does have dual front facing speakers for when this isn’t an issue.

nvidia shield portable black friday and cyber monday deals

The Shield Portable contains a Nvidia Tegra 4 Processor, with 2GB RAM and 16GB of flash memory. This allows you to stream games, TV shows, movies and music. Similar to the Nvidia Shield Streaming Device, you can also use Gamestream to stream games from your PC direct to your Shield Portable.

The device then automatically maps the controls with Nvidia’s default profiles, but you can also create your own. Additionally, as it runs Android you can customize the Portable with widgets. You can also get emulators to play old school games like Pokemon and Mario. We’re hoping to see Black Friday Nvidia Shield Portable deals for 2023, check at the top for the latest info.

Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet

The Nvidia Shield is a popular unit in the range, with the ability to stream content in up to 4K. However, if you enjoy gaming on the move the K1 tablet could be a good option! If you would like to purchase the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, check out the key features below.

Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet Key Features
  • Cloud Gaming – Access games from GeForce Now and Android Games in up to 1080p.
  • Stream Video – Stream movies, TV shows and more from popular content apps.
  • High Specs – The K1 is fitted with a Nvidia Tegra K1 Processor, which contains a 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM. 
  • Great Graphics – Also features Nvidia’s 192-core graphics card for high quality gaming and streaming.
  • 8-inch Screen & Dual Speakers – Full HD screen and dual front-facing speakers.
  • 16 GB Internal Storage – There is also a MicroSD card slot for expanding storage up to 128GB.
  • Compatible with Shield Controller & Stylus – If you fancy a more traditional console gaming experience, the K1 tablet is also compatible with the Nvidia Shield Controller. There is also a stylus available. Although, you will need to purchase these separately.

K1 Tablet Black friday discounts

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