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Best Black Friday Projector deals Projector Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buyers Guide

If you are interested in purchasing a projector this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there are a couple of things to consider first.

Projector Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guide

  • Number of Lumens – This is a measure of the brightness of the projections. Some projectors have a high enough lumen value to enable a clear image even with lights on.
  • Resolution – What’s the max it supports?
  • Inputs – What inputs does it have i.e. HDMI, wireless connectivity, USB, SD Card etc.
  • Max size – What is the max projection size?
  • Mobile or Home – Some projectors are designed for home use whilst others for cell phone.

You can find an overview of some projectors below. We will update this page with any Projector Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals we come across for 2018.

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