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Sphero BOLT Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2023

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Sphero Bolt Deal Predictions for Black Friday

The Bolt Robot is a new release from Sphero, only coming out in the 4th quarter of 2019. Furthermore, in the companies own words, it is their ‘most advanced app-enabled robotic ball to date’. These factors are both likely to impact the probability of Sphero Bolt Black Friday deals for 2023 for the following reasons.

Firstly, as it has just come out it is a fresh product and not in the decline phase of the product life cycle, meaning there is a good chance it will sell – with or without deals. This may mean Sphero are less inclined to offer Black Friday discounts on the Bolt Robot.

That said, the educational robotics market is heating up fast, with new releases like Anki’s Vector and Boxer Robot from Spin Master to contend with. Both of which are predicted to have sales on Black Friday. This could be an incentive for Sphero to put out Bolt robot deals for Black Friday 2023.

Sphero Bolt Black Friday & cyber monday price predictions

Sphero SPRK Price History

On the flipside, the fact this is Sphero’s most advanced robot to date is also a pretty good indicator that a significant amount of money was invested in developing Bolt. This could make them reluctant to put out deals as they want to recuperate as much of this money as possible without sacrificing margins.

However, we have seen deals on other Sphero robotic balls last year of 10-25% depending on the model – see SPRK price history above. So we will still be tracking Sphero Bolt Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals and listing any we find right here!

Sphero Bolt Robot Key Features

Bolt is the latest educational robot to be released by Sphero designed for kids – or adults for that matter – to learn about robotics and coding. With fun challenges and activities, you can learn the fundamentals of coding by programming the robots array of sensors. Or simply drive Bolt around remotely! If you plan to pick up Sphero Bolt this Black Friday, familiarize yourself with the key features below so you know whether this is the right option for you or your kid.Inside Sphero Bolt this Black Friday

  • App-Enabled – In order to control and program Bolt, you will first need to download the free Edu App. Sphero have done a great job of ensuring it will work with many different devices, as the App is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Chrome.
  • Remote Control – Once you’ve got the App downloaded, you will be able to control your Bolt robot remotely. Drive around, race or play games with your robot.
  • Learn to Code – The other major way to control your Bolt robot is to program it. Sphero have really put a lot of thought into making this part accessible and fun for all skill levels. First up, the most basic option is to simply program by drawing a path on the App. The next is with a graphical interface called Scratch. This is great for beginners to get an introduction to coding logic as you only have to drag and drop blocks of code into a sequence to create programs. Lastly, there is a text-based coding option with Javascript. Java has tons of different uses in the real world, so is a valuable language to know. Find out more about the activities and challenges at the Sphero Edu developers site.
Kids learning to code Sphero Bolt with the Edu App

Coding Sphero Bolt with the Edu App

  • Advanced Sensors – We’ve just talked about programming Bolt, but you are probably wondering what there is to program?! Well, firstly Bolt comes with many sensors including an infrared sensor, a compass, a light sensor, accelerometer, motor encoders and gyroscope. These allow you to program advanced movements and actions, plus all sensor data can be viewed in real time in the App! This robot really is great value for money, made even better if Sphero Bolt Black Friday deals are available!
  • Programmable Light Matrix – The other awesome piece of hardware is the 8×8 LED matrix. This can do a whole host of things, such as display real time sensor data and play games, as well as be individually programmed to display characters or vector graphics.
  • Multi-Bot Interaction – Due to the 360 degree infrared sensors, Bolt robots can interact with each other and avoid collisions. Great for hanging out with friends or fun in the classroom.
  • Waterproof, Tough Shell – All this hardware is housed inside a clear, waterproof shell. Not only does this mean you can see all the cool hardware, but it also means Bolt can also swim through water! It is also pretty tough, so Bolt can go off little jumps too. This only adds to the potential of this little robot.
  • Totally Wireless – As the outer shell is watertight, you might be wondering how the Bolt is charged or programmed? Firstly, it has inductive charging so just needs to be popped in the charger – no wires required! Secondly, the Bolt connects to your device via Bluetooth for wireless control.
  • Google Classroom – Compatible with Google Classroom, which makes Bolt great for educators as they can do things like assign activities and evaluate students progress completely remotely. Similar to other robotics kits from Sphero, we anticipate they will put out bundle deals for educators buying several.

That is really only a brief overview of what this cool robot can do. Watch the promo vid below from Sphero to see it in action. Even though it’s primarily designed for kids, you’ll find it hard not to want one after seeing it! However, if you’ve already made your mind up, head back up to the top to see our Black Friday Sphero Bolt sale predictions for 2023.


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