OnePlus 5 Boxing Day & New Years Day Deals 2017

What Discounts might there be on the OnePlus 5 this Boxing Day & New Years Day? What about OnePlus 5T Boxing Day Deals?

The OnePlus 5 is a fairly new release, so we are not expecting Boxing Day deals to be massive. Past sales have seen the price drop by around 10%, so we could see similar discounts in this region for Boxing Day & New Years Day. That said, stocks of the OnePlus 5 are already very low with reports of it selling out worldwide earlier in the year. This is likely due to the release of the OnePlus 5T on November 20th, meaning the company were scaling back production. Due to how close this release is to Boxing Day, OnePlus 5T Boxing Day deals could be the ones to watch. Return here for any news!

We will be posting any OnePlus 5/5T Boxing Day & New Years deals & news we come across right here, so return for updates.

OnePlus 5T Key Features

As was rumored a couple weeks ago, the new OnePlus 5T was released on November 20th. Following the trends of other new smartphones like the Google Pixel 2Samsung Note 8, the 5T has reduced bezels with a pretty much edge to edge screen. As a result, the fingerprint sensor has been removed from the bottom and relocated to the back of the phone. Although, you will likely not need to use it as often as the 5T now features facial recognition. As GizmoChina also predicted, the 6-inch screen has a 18:9 ratio with a 2160 x 1080 resolution. The display is larger than the OnePlus 5, but due to bezel reduction the chassis is still a similar size.

Oneplus 5t Boxing Day & New Years Day deals


As for specs, the 5T is not surprisingly pretty similar to the OnePlus 5. We thought that the 5T would be running the new Android Oreo OS, but out of the box it is running Android 7.1. However, it is rumored that OnePlus are bringing a Beta version of Oreo to the 5 and 5T before the year is up. OnePlus also put out a teaser that they would be keeping the headphone jack, which we can now confirm to be true. Under the hood, the 5 and 5T both have the same processor, RAM and storage options.

All in all, the only major differences in the 5T are the display changes and moving of the fingerprint sensor. We think the release was more of a move to stay in line with competitors removing bezels rather than a real upgrade to the device. The release falls pretty close to Boxing Day, which opens up the potential for Boxing Day OnePlus 5T deals. Be sure to return here for any OnePlus 5T Boxing Day & New Years Day deals news as we approach deal week.

OnePlus 5 Boxing Day Overview

Three years ago OnePlus launched the OnePlus 1, which was a big success. It was a high-end, premium smartphone with specs that matched up to major competition. At the time, the OnePlus 1 was one of the most reasonably price smartphones on the market. Since then, OnePlus has gained a loyal fanbase who have been eagerly waiting for the release of the OnePlus 5.  The phone was released in the last part of 2017, so we can hope for some great Oneplus 5 Boxing Day deals, and if stocks last then perhaps New Years Day deals too!

OnePlus 5 Boxing Day deals

OnePlus 5 Main Features

The OnePlus team has packed many high-end features into the latest model. As an underdog in the smartphone market, the OnePlus 5 holds its own against the fierce competition of the iPhone 7, Galaxy Note 8, and the Google Pixel. And in true OnePlus style, it does so without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the top features packed into this awesome smartphone.

OnePlus 5 Key Features
      • 2 rear cameras – one is a 16MP camera with 1x telephoto lense, the other is a 20MP, 20x telephoto lens. This allows you to take photos with blurred backgrounds, a feature only offered by a few leading smart phones, like the Galaxy Note 8.
      • Snapdragon 835 Chip set – This is the same spec as the top Galaxy range and allows for a really fast operating system and all round when using the phone. Regardless of what game or apps you use, it shouldn’t slow down this device.
      • All aluminum  – premium quality build, but still lightweight.
      • 6 – 8GB RAM and 64/128GB internal storage – the OnePlus5 holds nearly the maximum RAM you can currently fit inside of a smartphone right now.
      • Android 7.7.1 – reliable Android software.
      • Reading mode similar to an e-reader – the software uses a grayscale mapping to create a reading experience similar to an e-reader.
      • Fast fingerprint sensor – Oneplus 5 recognizes your fingerprint in roughly 0.2 seconds, unlocking your phone quickly.
  • We think it has a very reasonable price.
  • Fast and powerful.
  • In a lot of ways, it’s a notable step up from the OnePlus 3T.
  • Impressive battery life, coming top in a recent YouTube test against the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  • Hardly any bloatware.
  • Google assistant built in.
  • It’s not water resistant like a lot of the competing flagship smartphones.
  • Although it’s cheaper than some of the competition, it’s still a lot more high-end than the original game-changing OnePlus 1.
  • Some people think the design is kind of boring compared to some of the most recent phone releases and with only 2 colors to choose from, it seems a bit dull.

OnePlus 5 Boxing Day & New Years Deals | Summary

This is an awesome phone, and we think it’s great to see a smaller brand producing a phone with such high specification. The cost is a little higher than the original OnePlus 1, but for what you’re getting here, we think it’s well worth it. The smartphone could be discounted during Boxing Day and we have our fingers crossed for OnePlus 5 New Years Day deals in 2o18 too!

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