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Black Friday & Cyber Monday info on Smart Assistants

Since Google Home and Amazon Alexa, smart assistants have reached mainstream popularity and it’s not hard to see why. The device links to apps like Spotify, as well as other smart home devices like lights and thermostats, enabling you to control it all by voice. You can ask the assistant the weather, make schedules, play music, turn on lights or change the heating temperature, all without lifting a finger!

The devices also double up as a speaker for playing your favorite tunes. There are tons of smart assistants on the market and we think they will be popular this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Below we’ve outlined a couple of points to look for when making purchasing a Smart Assistant this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

  • Range – What’s the range of voice detection?
  • Speaker Quality – How good is the sound quality?
  • App Connectivity – Does the device connect to all the applications and devices you use?
  • Voice Detection Tech – Is the tech good i.e. understands you first time.

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