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Water Dispenser Black Friday 2023 & Cyber Monday 2023

What Water Dispenser Black Friday Deals Could we see in November?

Are you looking to add a hot/cold water dispenser to your home or office? They can be great for warm drinks like tea or coffee, and also cold refreshing water. The trouble is, some of the stylish models that offer those nice features can be on the pricey side. If you’re looking to get a discount, we think it could be worth waiting for water dispenser Black Friday deals as there are sales on all kinds of items during this period. We’ve compiled a list of our preferred Water Dispensers this Black Friday with our favorite features from each. We list any water dispenser Black Friday deals we come across on this page, so check back later for updates!

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Things to Consider when Buying a Water Dispenser this Holiday Season

As Black Friday approaches, many shoppers are eagerly looking forward to taking advantage of the great deals that will be available. If you are in the market for a new water dispenser, this is the perfect opportunity to save money while getting the best product for your needs. However, with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which water dispenser to choose. Here are some things to consider before making your purchase:

  • Energy Efficiency – water coolers are powered by electricity, so you’ll likely want to pick an energy efficient model so as to have as little increase to your power bills as possible, so look at the energy efficiency Star Label as well as other power saving features.
  • Durable Construction – look for a water cooler made out of quality materials to help withstand discoloration and corrosion.
  • Self Cleaning – I’m sure you’ll want to be drinking the purest water you can, so self-cleansing is an important feature which cleans germs and bacteria from your water dispenser.
  • Features and ease-of-use – do you want hot water, cold water, room temperature, or all 3? The water bottles can also be remarkably heavy, so you may want to consider a bottom mounting unit rather than a top mounting unit in order to save yourself any strains!

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Our Favourite Water Dispensers This Black Friday

Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W Water Dispenser

This Whirlpool water dispenser has a self-cleansing system that uses Oxygen to break down bacteria in your water. We really like the modern stylish design, toddler safety hot water lock, and multiple temperature options.

Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W Self Cleaning Stainless Bottom Load Water Cooler with LED indicators,40.5in x 12.6in x 15in

 out of stock
as of June 17, 2024 4:48 pm

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Primo Bottom Load Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

We like the elegant design of the Primo water dispenser, which dispenses piping hot, cool and cold water – and included child safety features.  Another nifty feature is the ozone technology which sanitizes the dispenser, helping to kill unwanted bacteria.

Primo Bottom Load Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

 in stock
4 new from $204.00
as of June 17, 2024 4:48 pm

Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser

This water dispenser dispenses hot and cold from two different spouts, so it’s great for hot drinks and cool refreshments. If you have young ones running around then you’ll be relieved to know that this water cooler has safety locks on the hot water spout. We like the classic, smaller design that makes it easier to fit into tight spaces.

Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser - Hot & Cold Water, Child Safety Lock, Innovative Slim Design, Holds 3 or 5 Gallon Bottles - UL/Energy Star Approved

 in stock
as of June 17, 2024 4:48 pm

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Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Dispenser

The Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A has the option of dispensing hot, cold and room temperature water. The bottom loading design would be easier for some. Like the other hot water dispensers listed, it comes with a child safety lock.

Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A Hot, Cold and Room Temperatures Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser, Black

 out of stock
as of June 17, 2024 4:48 pm

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Nutrichef Countertop Water Dispenser 

The Nutrichef comes with hot and cold water nozzles (again, with child safety). We really like how this water dispenser is small enough to fit on a countertop, but still accommodates 3 or 5-Gallon bottles.

Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser - Hot & Cold Water, with Child Safety Lock. (Silver)

 out of stock
as of June 17, 2024 4:48 pm

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Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading is a revolutionary appliance that brings convenience and cleanliness to your home or office. This innovative water dispenser is designed with a bottom-loading feature for simple and effortless refilling. No more heavy lifting or awkward spills because the water bottle snaps securely into the base of the dispenser.

Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser – Limited Edition - 3 Temperature Settings - Hot, Cold & Cool Water - UL/Energy Star Approved

$278.44  in stock
2 new from $278.44
7 used from $192.45
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2024 4:48 pm

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Key Features of Water Dispenser Black Friday

Water dispensers have become a staple in most households and offices due to their convenience and health benefits. With Black Friday approaching, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your water dispenser or purchase one for the first time. Here are some key features to look out for when shopping for water dispenser Black Friday deals:

  • Filtration System: Filtration systems are an important factor to consider when selecting a water dispenser; some of the options available include carbon filters, reverse osmosis, and UV sterilization.
  • Cooling and Heating Options: Look for cooling and heating options that meet your needs and preferences.
  • Capacity: Capacity is another key feature – consider how frequently the dispenser will be used and how much water you need to dispense.
  • Design and Size: Water dispensers come in various sizes and designs, so look for models that suit your space and aesthetic preferences.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is essential – look for models with Energy Star ratings to save money on electricity costs.


If you’ve been thinking about buying a water dispenser, now’s the perfect time to do it. Black Friday is the ideal opportunity to snag one of these luxury items at an unbeatable price. Check with your favorite stores and online retailers to make sure you don’t miss out on any specials being offered! Shopping has never been so affordable, grab a great deal on the perfect water dispenser for you today!

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