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Huion Tablets Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Searching for Huion Tablets this Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Huion are a popular maker of budget through to high-end drawing graphics tablets, designed for a wide audience and skill level. If you are in the market for a particular model, check below for an overview of the specs and some things to look out for when searching for Huion Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals this year. What kind of discounts are we predicting?

Huion offers a wide selection of tablets for all levels of creators, from beginners to professionals. With features such as pressure sensitivity, battery-free stylus pens, and customizable buttons, Huion tablets provide a seamless and comfortable digital drawing experience.

Our price analysis suggests that at least some Huion Black Friday deals on drawing tablets are likely, but this will depend on the model in question. Entry level drawing tablets have seen past discounts as low as 10% and as high as 40% on some models! However, the premium graphics tablets have seen more modest discounts in the region of 10-20%, though given the price this is still a hefty chunk. We’ll be tracking for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Huion deals on both drawing tablets and graphics monitors. Any we find will be listed right here.

Last update was on: September 29, 2023 9:33 am

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Huion’s graphic tablets range from simple, inexpensive drawing devices to full graphics monitors with integrated displays. Here’s some of the key features and differences to look out for between the devices.

Key Features
  • Active Area – How large is the active drawing area?
  • LCD Display or Drawing Tablet? – Both have to be plugged into a PC/Mac in order to run. Designs on drawing tablets appear in whatever software you are using on your computers monitor. LCD Display tablets mirror your computers screen and you draw directly into the software. This has a distinct advantage because you don’t have to keep looking up at the screen, it’s a more natural process.
  • Pen Pressure – This is the number of different pressure sensitivities that the stylus supports. The higher, the more variety and complexity of design.
  • Line Resolution – A measure of the maximum ‘quality’ of the line. Measured in lines per inch (LPI).
  • Touch – Does it have multi-touch functionality enabling you to pinch and scroll like a smart phone.
  • Hotkeys/Buttons – These are customizable shortcuts that help you navigate and improve your workflow. Hotkeys are on the touch screen and buttons on the side. For example, use them for erasing, zooming and scrolling.
  • Accessories – How many pens and nibs does it come with? Is there a case or other accessories?
  • Weight – This is an important aspect, as some lighter tablets are suitable for holding and working, whilst others are designed as workstations.
  • Wireless Connectivity – Is it able to connect to your PC/Mac via Bluetooth?
  • Storage Capabilities – Can you insert an SD card for internal storage?

That’s just some of the things to look out for when buying a Huion Tablet this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Your own specifications and needs will likely differ and could include extras not listed here, so be aware of that. Check out a summary of some of the key specs across the ranges below.Black friday and cyber monday deals on huion drawing tablets

Huion Drawing Tablet Comparison

ModelPen PressuresActive AreaLine Resolution (Line Per Inch)Wireless/TouchHotkeys/Buttons

Huion H420

2048 4 x 2.23″4000 LPINo3 keys

Huion H610 Pro

204810 x 6.25″5080 LPINo8 buttons/16 keys

Huion 1060 Plus

204810″ x 6.25″5080 LPINo12 buttons/16 keys

Huion Inspiroy Q11K 

819211 x 6.95080 LPIYes/No8 buttons

Huion Inspiroy G10T 

204810″ x 6.25″5080 LPIYes/Yes6 buttons

Huion Giano WH1409

 204813.8 x 8.6 5080 LPI Yes/No12 buttons

Huion Graphics Monitor Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Huion Graphics Drawing Monitor Comparison

ModelPen PressuresActive AreaLine Resolution (Line Per Inch)Screen ResolutionHotkeys/Buttons

Huion GT-185

 2048 18.5 inch5080 LPI 1366 x 768 8 Keys

Huion KAMVAS GT-191

819219.5 inch5080 LPI1920 x 1080n/a

Huion GT-220 v2

819221.5 inch 5080 LPI1920×1080 n/a

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Huion Tablet Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Huion have a massive range of drawing tablets and graphics monitors, so we are hoping for some decent deals on at least some of them this November. The discounts will likely depend on the range and model. You can stay up to date with the latest Huion Tablet Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals by returning to this page to see if we have published any news.

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