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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Given the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 was only released in August 2018, this flagship android tablet is likely to be fairly expensive for a while. However, whilst the general RRP may be high, this does not rule out temporary flash deals and we think there is a good chance of Galaxy Tab S4 Black Friday deals. Why?

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The Tab S4 is compatible with an additional keyboard cover and mouse to create an optional desktop experience. A move that shows they are trying to compete with the likes of the Microsoft Surface and some Lenovo machines. Offering Black Friday Galaxy Tab S4 discounts would be a great way to break into the market. Read on for our Tab S4 price predictions for 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Black Friday Deal Check

Last update was on: May 14, 2024 9:48 am

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Galaxy Tab S4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Price Predictions

As the holiday season approaches, shoppers are eagerly anticipating the biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For those looking to upgrade their devices or purchase the latest tech gadgets, this is the perfect time to get unbeatable deals and discounts. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, with its impressive features and capabilities, is one of the gadgets expected to make a splash during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

So we’ve just told you we are expecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to go on sale on Black Friday 2023, but what price might you expect to pay? We think this will all depend on the different models/colors, as well as whether it comes bundled with the keyboard. Below we take a look at both past Galaxy S4 Tab discounts since the release, as well as what Galaxy Tab S3 Black Friday sales were available last year. Here are our price predictions:

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Galaxy Tab S4 64GB

Galaxy Tab 64GB Black Friday cyber monday

On the entry level 64GB model, we were only able to find very modest past discounts in the region of 5% on the black model. We were unable to find any on the gray though. However, this does not necessarily mean there will not be any Galaxy Tab S4 Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on the 64GB models. As our analysis shows the Tab S3 was discounted 15% last Black Friday, plus other sales of up to 20-25% over the year. So we are still expecting to see at least some money off – even if it’s not much!

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Galaxy Tab S4 256GB

Black Friday Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 256GB discounts

Similar to the 64GB gray, we were unable to find any discounts on the 256GB model so far. Again, we haven’t ruled out Black Friday Galaxy Tab S4 deals as we think there is a chance more info will still be released in the run up. Plus, as mentioned above, offers on the new Tab S4 would be a great way to establish in the tablet/desktop hybrid market. As a result of this, deals on Tab S4 bundled with the keyboard might be more likely. We’ll be sure to list any new info we find right here.

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What’s New in the Tab S4

The most notable difference in the Tab S4 compared with previous models is Samsung DeX, short for desktop experience. This native application is designed to enable Samsung tablets, phablets and phones to be hooked up to a monitor, or connect a keyboard directly as with the Tab S4, to create a desktop-like user experience.

The DeX features a familiar taskbar and supports applications from Microsoft, such as Excel and Word, as well as Skype, Google and Adobe Apps. See a list of what’s supported here. In order to handle this additional workload, the S4 has an upgraded to an Octa-Core (2.35 GHz + 1.9 GHz) processor. It also features double the internal memory options of the S3 – 32GB or 128GB compared with 64GB or 256GB. Though in both models it is expandable up to 400 GB with a micro SD card.

The Samsung DEX on Galaxy Tab S4

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The 10.4 inch S4 screen is larger than the S3 with a higher resolution of 2560 x 1600. In order to prevent this larger screen eating away at the battery life, Samsung have also put in a larger 7300 mAh battery. However, whether this will be enough to prevent these new features impacting usage times remains to be seen. Other notable improvements include the upgraded S-pen stylus, which now features 4096 pressure levels, which enables the S4 to double up as a drawing tablet for design.

Overall, we think there are some marked improvements between the S3 and S4. That said, the market for tablets and tablet/desktop hybrids is increasingly competitive and companies have to do a lot to stand out. It is for this reason that we think Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Black Friday discounts are a possibility, as they would assist the S4 in gaining traction. Head to the top of this page for any Tab S4 deals we find for 2023.

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