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The Best Black Friday NAS Device Deals for 2023

NAS Device Black Friday Predictions

The kind of NAS device discounts that could be available on Black Friday will depend on the make and model in question, but we think there is a good chance there will be deals on some devices. Based off the price data and looking at sales in the past, here are our model/brand predictions for what NAS device Black Friday deals we might see for 2023:

  • WD My Cloud Personal – We were unable to find a whole lot of reliable information to predict WD My Cloud Personal Black Friday offers. The price seems to have come up in the past year – strange for a tech product that’s been out a number of years. Perhaps Western Digital experienced increased demand for the device and put the price up? Who can say. That said, there was one hefty discount of 45% on the 2TB model that brought the price from its current level down to the original RRP. So we could see similar NAS Device Black Friday discounts on these models.
  • WD My Cloud Mirror – The My Cloud Mirror has seen some nice discounts in the past year. The 4 TB model had one flash sale of around 50% and another lesser around 25%. Similarly, the 8 TB model has also seen a nice offer with around 47% off. We think there is a good chance we will see Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on the WD My Cloud Mirror NAS devices.
  • WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra – The EX2 Ultra has seen some discounts in the past, but they were not as generous with only 10-15% off. Still not bad and worth checking on Black Friday 2023 if you plan to purchase this NAS Device.
  • Synology Diskstation – These upgraded NAS devices from Synology have only been out just over a year, so we are unsure if any Black Friday offers will be available. We have seen virtually no past sales on the entry-level DS218+ model, though the DS918+ has seen a modest 10% sale.
  • QNAP TS-251 – We’ve seen some good past sales on the TS-251 from QNAP, with the most notable being around 1/3 off. Other less significant discounts of 8-10% have also been observed, so we are expecting some Black Friday NAS device deals on the TS-251 from QNAP.
NAS Device Black Friday Deal Watch
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Last update was on: June 8, 2023 7:53 pm

In the market for a NAS Device this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Find out more below

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a device that attaches to your router via an Ethernet cable, acting as a storage unit for all your important files. You can then access your content anywhere with the help of Apps like Plex. They come in all shapes and sizes and the one that is right for you will depend on your individual needs. Some are more suitable for office use, whilst others are designed for the home.

You can find an overview of the features below, as well as check for NAS Device Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. However, if you are not familiar with the technology, scroll a little further to find out more.

WD My Cloud PersonalBlack Friday WD My cloud personal offers

Last update was on: June 8, 2023 7:53 pm

The WD My Cloud Personal is a popular home unit and is a good choice of NAS device this Black Friday. This sleek little unit is great for storing and backing up photos, videos and other important files in one secure place. It’s a great entry level NAS unit, here are the key features:

  • Easy Access of Files – You can easily access your files whenever you have internet by signing into your My Cloud account in a browser or with the App.
  • Automatic Synchronization – The software automatically synchronizes updates across all devices so your latest files are accessible.
  • One Bay Unit – This means that the device cannot back itself up to a second built in drive, which is a feature of some of the My Cloud Mirrors. However, you can easily plug in an external hard drive in order to back up your files.
  • Automatic Backup – You can configure your device to automatically backup new files on your computer, smart phone or tablet whenever you create them. This feature is compatible with Mac and PC operating systems.
  • Capacity – This model is now available in 5 storage sizes: 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB.

WD My Cloud MirrorWD My cloud Mirror Black friday and cyber monday sales

Last update was on: June 8, 2023 7:53 pm

The My Cloud Mirror is WD’s intermediate-level home NAS device. It has all the features of the My Cloud Personal, but with a few extras. Here’s the key differences:

  • 2 Bay Unit – This means it contains two storage devices, with all content automatically backed up on the second device via RAID configuration. The benefit being an extra level of security for your files.
  • Larger Capacities Available – There are 4Tb, 6TB, 8Tb, 12TB and 16TB models available, which makes the Mirror more suitable if you have high storage demands.
  • 2X USB 3.0 Ports – Features 2 USB expansion ports if you want to connect another external drive.

If you think this NAS device is right for your needs, it might be worth waiting for potential WD My Cloud Black Friday sales. As there could be discounts on offer this year! Head to the top for our predictions for 2023.

WD My Cloud EX2 UltraWD EX2 Ultra Black friday discounts

Last update was on: June 8, 2023 7:53 pm

The EX2 Ultra is WD’s entry level storage solution for small business use. Compared to the My Cloud range, it features more storage, processing speeds, integrated business software and enhanced security. Let’s take a look at this below in a bit more detail.

  • Higher Capacities Available – This model comes in 4TB, 8Tb, 12TB, 16TB and 20TB of storage, so is ramped up for the larger storage demands of businesses.
  • 1.3GHz Processor – This high-performance processor with 1GB of memory allows faster transfers, file streaming and enables multi-tasking.
  • Public & Private Sharing – If you share a public link anyone you share it with can view the content. On the other hand, with a private link you decide the level of access granted to the user.
  • Better Data Protection – WD SmartWare Pro backup software gives you more control over how your content is backed up. For example, set up automatic backups to another WD device or other cloud storage solutions like Amazon. S3. 256 AES volume encryption ensures all files are secure.
  • Plex Compatibility – The Plex App allows you to efficiently organise, manage and stream all your content.
  • Milestone ARCUS Surveillance Software – Keep an eye on your data history for extra safety.

The EX2 Ultra is clearly a device designed for business use, but the extra features do come at a price. Hopefully there will be some Black Friday WD My Cloud EX2 deals this year, which could make this model a little more affordable! Check at the top for the latest.

Synology DiskStation DS218+ & DS918+

Synology Diskstation Black Friday cyber monday

Last update was on: June 8, 2023 7:53 pm

The Synology Diskstation DS218+ & DS918+ are high performance NAS devices designed for business use, the latter being the more powerful of the two. They are designed to be highly secure and scalable, giving options for expanding your storage potential. Both have received upgrades from last years models, so here’s an overview of the key features.

  • Fast Processors – Featuring a Dual Core in the DS218+ and a Quad Core in the DS918+, these ultra fast processors permit rapid handling of data.
  • 4K Video Transcoding – Allows your NAS to serve as a media server for streaming videos to other devices in 1080p, without the need for 3rd party programs to convert the 4K video.
  • Tons of RAM – The DS218+ comes with 2GB of memory – expandable up to 6GB, whilst the DS918+ is available in 4GB and is expandable up to 8GB.
  • Huge Storage Capacity – The DS218+ is a 2-bay, meaning it has two 12TB HDD drives for a total of 24TB. The DS918+ is a Quad-bay that supports 4 12TB drives for a total of 48TB. Though this can be increased with the DX517 expansion unit (sold separately) for a maximum of 9 drives and 108TB storage!
  • Monitoring Tools – Surveillance Station provide tools for keeping an eye on all your files and history.

If this high end NAS device fits your needs, it could be worth looking for Synology Diskstation Black Friday discounts to try and get a better price. What offers do we think will be available? Head to the top to find out.


QNAP TS-251 Black friday and cyber monday deals

Last update was on: June 8, 2023 7:53 pm

The QNAP TS-251 is a capable little machine with some nifty features. Designed for home or small office use, it is great for home entertainment, remote access and data backup. Let’s take a look at some of these features below.

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports – This is a handy addition that enables you to connect multiple devices via Ethernet, each receiving a gigabit connection.
  • Virtualization Technology – Enables the TS-251 to be used as a NAS and a virtualization platform.
  • Video Transcoding – Similar to Synology, this converts your videos into a format that is best for whatever device you are watching them on. This is a real-time conversion, with up to 5 devices able to view videos at once!
  • Media Streaming – Multiple options for streaming media direct to DLNA-compatible devices like Smart TVs and Consoles. This is enabled through apps like QAirplay app for Apple TV, or Plex Media Server for organising all your content streaming Applications and media files.
  • HDMI Port – Simply connect devices to the NAS via HDMI for easy viewing.
  • QNAP App Center  – Access to hundreds of expansion apps developed by the Linux community. These are listed listed by categories, including business, content management system, communication and entertainment.

This is a really awesome NAS device with a lot of scope for getting the most out of your network. If you are interested in purchasing this NAS device on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, check back here for news on QNAP TS-251 deals for 2023.

NAS Device Black Friday Summary

We hope that you have found this page informative and useful and, as a result, are a little more clued up on buying a NAS device on Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2023. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or find a good discount. Otherwise, happy shopping!

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