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The Best Shark ION Robot Vacuum Black Friday 2023 Discounts

Are you looking for a robot vacuum to save you time on household chores? Then the Shark ION Robot Vacuum might be just what you need. Shark’s cutting-edge technology and personalized cleaning settings make it easy to keep your home clean, regardless of whether or not there are pets or small children. This Black Friday, don’t miss out on the deals being offered on this powerful device designed to provide effortless cleaning. Keep reading for an in-depth overview of all of the features and special savings available with this incredible robotic vacuum cleaner!

Last update was on: June 15, 2024 6:48 pm

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Shark ION Robot Black Friday Price Predictions

The Shark ION robot vacuum was released last year into a market already established with big players like Samsung, Roomba, Neato and Eufy. However, it has gained considerable traction and is now one of the most popular robot vacuums. With a new model just released, what Shark ION robot Black Friday deals are we predicting for 2023? Will all the models be discounted?

The previous R72 and R75 models were released just before Black Friday last year, but there were still discounts in the region of 10-13%. We saw similar deals on these models during Prime Day in 2019, so think there is a good chance of similar Black Friday Shark ION Robot deals on the R72 and R75 this year.

However, since the premium R85 model has only just been released there isn’t any price data yet! If last year is anything to go by, there could still be Shark ION Robot Black Friday deals on this model. Any we find will be posted right here!

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Shark ION Robot Vacuums Black Friday Guide

The Shark ION is a robotic vacuum released by Shark last year, designed to clean your floor autonomously. It was their first movement into this growing market and they released two models; the R72 and R75. However, they have now just released a larger, premium model called the R85. Read on to find out the differences between them so you can be a bit more clued up when looking out for any Black Friday Shark ION Robot discounts this year!

Shark ION ROBOT R72 Vacuum

Shark ION ROBOT R72 Black friday & Cyber monday deals

Last update was on: June 15, 2024 6:48 pm

The Shark ION ROBOT R72 Vacuum is a highly advanced and efficient robotic vacuum cleaner designed to revolutionize the cleaning experience. This intelligent vacuum is equipped with a range of sophisticated features that work together to deliver thorough cleaning for any surface in your home.

Shark ION Robot R72 Key Features
  • Remote – Can be used to set cleaning schedules, return your ION Robot to the charging dock, start/stop cleaning and more.
  • Battery Life – Shark claim it will last around an hour before needing a recharge.
  • Self Navigation – Has proximity sensors to help it navigate around furniture and obstacles.
  • Brushes – Has helix shaped main brush on base, with two dual spinning side brushes.
  • Dust Bin – Slides out from the side and is easy to remove, holding a max of 0.4-qts.
  • BotBoundary – Comes with botboundary strips that can be attached to the floor to prevent the ION Robot from crossing, for example at the top of stairs.
  • HEPA Filter – Designed to filter small particles out the air, such as dust and allergens.

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Shark ION ROBOT R75 Vacuum

Shark ION ROBOT R75 Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts

Last update was on: June 15, 2024 6:48 pm

The Shark ION ROBOT R75 Vacuum is a cutting-edge cleaning solution designed to offer an effortless cleaning experience. This innovative device features a powerful motor and a host of advanced technologies that work together to ensure your home is left spotlessly clean without the need for any elbow grease.

Shark ION Robot R75 Key Differences
  • Voice Control – Connect the R75 to WIFI and then link to your Amazon Alexa devices for voice control.
  • Shark ION ROBOT App – Control the ION Robot remotely from the App for Android an iPhone, although does not come with a remote. 

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Shark ION Robot Vacuum R85

Black Friday deals on the new Shark ION R85 robot vacuum

The latest robotic vacuum release from Shark is a premium offering, with some new developments and additions compared with the R75. Whether that justifies the price hike in your eyes will of course depend on your needs, and whether Shark ION robot Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are put out!

Shark ION Robot R85 Key Differences
  • XL Dust Cup  – The most notable difference in this model is the larger dust cup than the previous two.
  • More Power – Shark claim the R85 has 3 times the suction power of the R75 when in ‘Max Mode’.
  • Sensor Upgrade – This model features Shark’s newer Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0 tech with ‘multi-axis bumper’, which they state provides better sensitivity to objects. Though we have not independently verified this!

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Shark ION Robot Vacuum Summary

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum is an excellent purchase for Black Friday. It allows you to clean your floors with ease and effectively remove dust and dirt. For those who want to take full advantage of this great deal without breaking the bank, they should shop through our website for a huge variety of Black Friday specials. All our products come at discounted prices and include free shipping which makes shopping even easier. Whether you’re looking for something small like the Shark ION Robot Vacuum or something larger, we do it all! We know that you’ll be pleased with what we have to offer so don’t hesitate any longer! Go ahead and make that purchase today!

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