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Ecovacs Deebot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023 | Vacuums

Last update was on: June 2, 2023 8:14 pm

What Discounts are Likely on the Ecovacs Deebot Range for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023?

Robotic vacuums seem to be getting more popular year on year, with large companies like Shark, Samsung and Dyson releasing their own machines. Hopefully, this increased competitiveness could act as an incentive to offer Ecovacs Deebot Black Friday deals!

During previous years, some Ecovac Deebot models have been discounted by around 20-30% during Black Friday, see Ecovac Deebot Black Friday price tracker below:

Deebot black friday price analysis

Due to this, our analysts believe we could see a similar Ecovacs Deebot Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts in 2023. Which Ecovacs get discounts, if any, is still unclear. But, we are tracking the Ecovac products listed below and will post any Ecovac Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts we come across.

Find out more about the Ecovac Deebot this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Evovacs are a robotics manufacturer that produce a range of relatively affordable robotics vacuums and window cleaners. Known as the Deebot, the range of vacuums have been growing in popularity, likely due to more and more consumers adopting the technology. We also think they are great value and have lots of good features. If you plan to buy an Ecovac Deebots on Black Friday 2023, here are some of things you might want to consider when choosing a model.

Underside of the deebot

Ecovacs Deebot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buyers Guide & Key Features
  • Cleaning Types – Some models just vacuum, whereas others vacuum and mop in one. Evovacs suggest vacuums with mop functionality are only suitable for hard floor or hard floor/low-pile carpet, depending on the model. 
  • Battery Life – How long does it last before needing a recharge? Does it have auto-charge to return itself to the dock?
  • WIFI – Can it connect to WIFI for remote control and other functions?
  • Amazon Alexa – Some models can connect to Amazon Alexa for voice control with Alexa devices.
  • Ecovacs App – Allows you to do things like set cleaning schedules, change cleaning modes, monitor the vacuum’s status, location, battery life and get alerts when it’s time to change parts.
  • Dustbin Capacity – How much can it hold before it needs to be emptied?
  • Sensors – Infrared sensors and drop sensors help navigate around obstacles and avoid stairs.
  • Height – Quite an important spec in a robotic vacuum as thinner designs can enable them to fit under more furniture.
  • Cleaning Modes – There are different cleaning modes that may be featured in different models. These include spot cleaning – for more intense cleaning of one area, edge cleaning – for specific edges, auto – for general cleaning, and single room – for one room.

As you can probably tell, there are a lot of features to take into consideration when buying a Deebot on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. In order to get the correct model for your needs, we recommend that you fully look into whatever you are buying. Be sure to keep your open for Ecovacs Deebot Black Friday deals! Here are some of the popular models in the range.


Deebot Slim 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Deebot N79 Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Deebot M80 Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Ecovacs Deebot M81 Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Evovacs Deebot M88 Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Deebot R95 Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Ecovacs Deebot Robot Vacuum Quick Summary

ModelAlexa Enabled*WIFIFloor TypeWet/Dry MopMax Run Time*Max Dust Capacity*
Deebot Slim 2 ✓ Bare FloorDry Mop OnlyUp to 110 Mins 320 ml
Deebot N79 ✓ Bare Floor/Low-Pile CarpetUp to 100 Mins 300 ml
Deebot M80 Pro ✓ Bare Floor/Low-Pile Carpet ✓Up to 110 Mins 500 ml
Deebot M81 Pro ✓ ✓ Bare Floor/Low-Pile Carpet ✓Up to 100 Mins 400 ml
Deebot M88 ✓ ✓ Bare Floor/Carpet ✓Up to 90 Mins 380 ml
Deebot R95 ✓ ✓ Bare Floor/Carpet ✓Up to 90 Mins 520 ml

* Please Note: Ecovacs claim this is the max run time on a single full charge and state actual usage may vary. Max dust capacity may also vary in practice. Ecovacs are working to introduce Alexa into more models, so we may see more enabled in the future.

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