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Lego Boost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2023

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Last update was in: May 17, 2024 6:51 am

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What Lego Boost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are Expected in 2023?

You can find out about the key specs and more below, but when’s the busy time to buy the Boost? What kind of discounts should you expect on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? We are hoping for some decent sales on the Boost. Last year, this was a new release and we only found minor discounts during deals week, see more on our Lego Boost Black Friday analysis at the bottom of the page. The lack of discounts in 2023 was likely because the features and technology were expensive to develop. However, we are predicting Lego Boost Black Friday deals in 2023 as the product has been out for some time.

Learn about the new Lego Boost this Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals Sales Period

With the release of the Boost, Lego is tapping into a whole new market by making robotics accessible to a younger audience. This set features simplified models, instructions and a simpler programming interface compared with the popular Mindstorms kit.

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We absolutely love these sets from Lego, but we aren’t the only ones! They have been listed in the top 5 coding toys for kids by popular educational toy review site STEMtoyexpert.com, as well as multiple other awards. They are so innovative and super inspirational for kids, but it does come at a price. We are hoping for some Lego Boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so you can educate your kid for less. First, here’s what we loved and what we thought could be improved with the Boost.

  • Great Designs – The kit features instructions for 5 builds, which Lego have clearly put a lot of thought into making exciting. These include a cat, robot, guitar and an automated production line!
  • Open Ended Play – The opportunities for kids to experiment and build their own designs is huge. This is why Boost is great for developing STEM skills!
  • Learning to Code – Using a simple, drag-and-drop based interface kids can learn the basics of coding & programming. This is a great foundation for more complex coding toys like Cozmo.
  • Compatible with all Lego – The robots can be combined with any Lego bricks, which further expands what your kid can do with this kit.
  • In App Activities – These help to keep the kids engaged and stimulate further learning.
  • Advanced Robotics Technology – Included are a color sensor, touch sensor, servo motors and processor.
  • New compatibilities in 2023 – there are several new compatible lego sets with Lego Boost in 2023. We expect to see more compatible sets as we reach the holiday season.

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Last update was on: May 17, 2024 6:51 am
  • New Tablet Needed – There were some complaints after the launch of the Boost that the App needed to control & program the robots only ran on the newest tablets. However, the developers are working on this issue and the software should be available on older tablets by fall. You can check if your device is compatible here.
  • Limited Programming Functionality – The drag and drop style of programming is great for learning the basics, but it has it’s limits. This is not surprising given the age range of 7 – 12 years. However, if your kid wants to start creating more complex commands, they will need to upgrade to a kit like Lego Mindstorms or Vex IQ.
  • No batteries included – This is more of an annoyance than a con, but when you spend this much on a toy it would be nice for it to come with batteries! We recommend you get yourself some rechargeable lithium ion batteries for maximum use time with Boost.

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Despite the cons, this set is still a great way for kids to develop a whole host of skills. It’s a great toy for encouraging education through play and exploration.

Best Lego Boost Black Friday Cyber Monday Price

 2023 Lego Boost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Price Analysis

As mentioned above, our Analysts found very little price movements or Lego Boost Black Friday discounts during the deals period in 2023. There were some price movements around deals week of < 1%, but we don’t think this really constitutes a discount most readers would be happy with:

Lego Boost Black Friday 2018 Price

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Still, we think that the fact that there were price movements in November last year, around the time of Black Friday could indicate that retailers may be gearing up to reduce the price this year and give a more substantial Lego Boost Black Friday price reduction.

We have set up a Lego Boost Black Friday price tracker and will be monitoring and reporting on any Lego Boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that we find as we approach the deals period.


Lego Boost is the perfect toy for your little builder in your life this Holiday season. As the holidays approach, now is the time to look into getting a set as prices are at their lowest on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only will your individual get the chance to build and program their very own robot, but they can also get creative with other projects like building a guitar, forklift, rover, or more! It’s a toy that develops children’s skills and can be fun during times of screen time restrictions due to today’s health and safety protocols. Plus our website has some of the best deals you can find online for the Lego Boost sets this holiday season so make sure you check it out!

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