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Xiaomi Roborock Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2023

Are you looking for a way to keep your home clean while keeping some extra cash in the bank? The Xiaomi Roborock vacuum is an incredible innovation that delivers powerful cleaning performance at an affordable price. As Black Friday fast approaches, it’s time to check out all the amazing deals on the Roborock that are about to come our way. Keep reading as we look into what makes this vacuum worth every penny and why it’s one of the best purchases you could make this holiday season!

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Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Black Friday Price Analysis

Roborock are a variety of mid to high end robot vacuums produced by the Mi consumer electronics branch of tech giant Xiaomi. The first model was released around 2 years ago, but quickly became the most popular robot vacuum in China. In 2018 there have been several new releases so, there are a whole range of Xiaomi robot vacuums now on offer.

So, the golden question, what Roborock Black Friday sales are we predicting? Are Xiaomi robot vacuum Cyber Monday discounts expected? Read on for our model by model predictions, or check for any Black Friday Roborock deals we find below.

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Roborock C10 Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

Black Friday & Cyber monday robrock C10 deals

This entry level robotic vacuum is the least powerful in the range and does not have mop functionality. So it may be a budget model, but we have still seen some discounts in the past in the region of 10-20%. Since it was only released in 2018, we do not have data from last year to make Roborock C10 Black Friday deal predictions, but given other sales in the year had money off we have reason to suspect the same could be possible.

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Roborock E20 & E25 Robot Vacuums

Roborock robotic vacuum Black friday deals

These two models are the mid-range robot vacuums in the Xiaomi range, with more suction power than the C10, mop capabilities and more advanced mapping technology. Though the E20 and E25 are the same apart from one being white and the other gray. Again, both were released in 2018 so there is no data from last year, but price analysis shows a fairly heft discount on the two models of 18%. We anticipate similar Black Friday roborock E20/E25 Black Friday sales.

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Roborock S5/S50/S51 Xiaomi Robot Vacuums

Roborock Xiaomi Robotic vacuum Black Friday/cyber monday sales

As far as we could tell, the S50 and S51 are just color variations of the S5 coming in black, rose gold or white. We do not get why Xiaomi did this it’s confusing! This premium model features vacuum & mopping, stronger suction than the above, advanced laser navigational mapping and a huge battery life.

We’ve seen previous discounts on the Roborock S5 of around 20%, although the price history for this model is pretty questionable with a lot of price rises – possibly to amplify the appearance of a sale. We are unsure what, if any, Black Friday Roborock S5 discounts could be available at this point, but will continue to update this article as info becomes available.

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After summarizing the best deals for Xiaomi Roborock on Black Friday, it is my sincere hope that readers have taken this information on board and considered how they can make the most of the massive discounts available. With such money-saving opportunities, everybody can benefit from Xiaomi Roborock’s incredible products. Don’t hesitate too long; these deals will not last an eternity. Visit our website now for exclusive Black Friday offers and save big! Act fast, you won’t regret it!

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