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Luvabella Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023 | Interactive Baby Doll

Luvabella Baby Doll Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buying Advice

Luvabella is a new super realistic robotic baby doll from Spinmaster, the company behind the highly popular Hatchimals, which, in case you have been living under a rock, went viral during Black Friday in 2023 and sold out in most retailers. Right now, people don’t know whether to think Luvabella is creepy or cute! We still don’t know. What we do know, however, is that Luvabella is was a hot toy last holiday season and is expected to be again for 2023. We are predicting there could be up to 40% off on specific models.

Last update was on: July 12, 2024 7:57 pm

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Luvabella started shipping in the US in October. Right now, parents and kids alike are already climbing over each other in a pre-festive pre-order frenzy. If you plan to wait for Luvabella Black Friday deals, be aware that the doll will be extremely popular and are expected to sell out fast. In 2019 we saw Hatchimals sell for several times the RRP during deals week once most stocks were depleted. If you want to get the best Luvabella Black Friday deals, our advice is to buy as soon as you see a discount as stocks probably won’t last to Cyber Monday.

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Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll Key Features

Luvabella is an interactive doll with a lot of personality. She/he can do more than many regular dolls. She or he can play peek-a-boo, laugh when tickled, react when spoon fed or given her soother, and even comes with a mini cuddly toy of her own to play with! Some other notable Luvabella features include:

  • Life-like facial expressions and movements like smiles, giggles and arm movements.
  • Interactive accessories including a spoon, pacifier, bottle and her own toy. Children can get a lifelike experience of their own baby.
  • Feed Luvabella with her spoon and burp her when she’s full.
  • You can play peek-a-boo and tickle her toes and tummy. You can even hold up Luvabellas lamby toy to her nose and she’ll make animal noises and give it a kiss!
  • Luvabella gets better with play. She/he will start out with baby babble, then as she’s played with, will speak up to 100 words and phrases.

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Luvabella Black Friday & Cyber Monday Price Updates

We will be monitoring Luvabella news and updates as we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals week and will list any Luvabella Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts we find on their page. Be sure to check back here for any new info, leave us a comment if you find anything juicy!


All in all, Black Friday was a great time for shopping Luvabella dolls. The availability of different varieties and styles, the amazing discounts and bundles, and the free shipping were definitely big pluses of this event. As always, customers should be prudent when making purchases and compare various stores to make sure they are getting the best deal when it comes to buying products like these. Despite the increased traffic due to Black Friday, most online retailers had already prepared well enough to ensure orders were processed quickly. In that regard, this was definitely one of the more successful Black Friday sales ever experienced by Luvabella, proving once again that Christmas is indeed a wonderful time for everyone.

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