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FurReal Friends Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

What are FurReal Friends all about?

FurReal Friends from popular toy maker Hasbro are furry little friends with big personalities. They combine movements and sound to make an interactive robotic cuddly toy that responds when you interact with them. For example, stroking a certain area could initiate a specific response. The toys require batteries, which are sometimes included but sometimes are not, so be sure to check this.

Last update was on: November 26, 2021 8:16 pm

In the FurReal Friends collection there are many different animals and creatures to choose from depending on what your little one likes. These include a dog, cat, tiger, dragon and monkey! Each doll includes its own unique interactive toy. For example, the tiger has a squeaky toy that it reacts to and the panda has a bottle for feeding. One of the coolest is the dragon, which breathes an ultra fine mist that looks like fire onto a marshmallow stick.

Whilst these toys are certainly cute, the novelty will likely wear off pretty quickly as there is not that much there to hold their interest for extended periods. It would be cool if Hasbro added a companion App for controlling the Friends, or for doing some basic programming with a drag and drop interface. That said, they will likely appeal to the younger ones more and hold their attention for longer so we think they are more appropriate for this age bracket.

Furreal Friends Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

There are several Furreal Friends to choose from, but we’re not expecting stocks to last long during the Black Friday frenzy. If you’re hoping to get a discount, make sure you get them whilst they’re available!  These fun, cute dolls are extremely popular with kids this year, and it’s likely many parents are waiting for Furreal Friends Black Friday discounts to be released.

We will be monitoring the price as we approach November. If we come across any Furreal Friends Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, we will be listing them on this page.

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