Google Home Mini Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

What will the Google Home Mini look like and when will it be released?

The Google Home Mini a new virtual assistant released by Google that is available for shipping on October 18th. Walmart briefly (and we assume accidentally), posted a listing of the Home Mini on their website which leaked pictures of the mini speaker, plus the price.

The Google Home Mini is essentially a smaller version of the Google Home. The Home mini loses some of the speaker quality in favor of a lower price and being much smaller. It is thought you will be able to purchase the Home Mini in three different colors: charcoal, chalk and a really cool coral color.

It is set to be released alongside the Google Home Max which is another, bigger member of the Google family that focuses on the premium end of the market.

What Google Home Mini Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals could we expect to see?

The Google Home Mini currently retails on the Google store at $49. However, Walmart has a deal with Google Express that discounts $25 off orders until January 15th. That means you could pick up the Google Home Mini from Walmart for a discounted price of just $24, or 50% off. Which, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is an absolute bargain!

Based on this offer, we are expecting to see Google Home Mini Black Friday deals with other retailers in a similar region. As the small smart speaker market is becoming increasingly competitive, Google will likely want to grab market share from the likes of Amazon Dot by undercutting the market. Stay tuned for any updates!

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Pictured with the new Google Pixel 2

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