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Yeti Tundra Black Friday & Yeti Tundra Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Last update was on: September 30, 2023 2:10 am

Yeti Tundra Coolers

Yeti produce a range of incredibly popular high-end coolers, built for durability and adventure. Though, Yeti Coolers are more than just hype, they are resistant to all sorts of environments and their renowned quality has established a loyal following. Even so, given the price for some of the coolers, it makes sense to wait it out and see if any Yeti Tundra Black Friday deals are released!

The Tundra is a classic category of Yeti Cooler, with a solid and tough design. This differs from the Hopper range, which are soft and lightweight. The Tundra is a lot bulkier, but this is due to the fact that it is heavily insulated – with up to 3 inches of insulation at the thickest point. As such, this range are great for ice retention and are likely a better choice for trips of a longer duration. Yeti Tundra coolers are also certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, meaning that they have been tested in both controlled and wild conditions and found to be bear proof! Although, they do state this is when used in combination with extra-long shank Master pad locks to keep the cooler secure.

Other areas of the design also have a focus on durability, as well as practicality. The ‘T-Red’ lid latches are made of a heavy duty rubber, which not only means they form a tight seal, but the flexibility likely makes it easier to fasten and detach them compared with a plastic clip design. Combined with the rubber seal around the edge, the latches ensure the seal is leak proof. There are also a couple of options for carrying the coolers, depending on the model. Most sizes have tough rope with rubber handles on the sides, as well as grooves for lifting without the rope. However, the smaller Tundra 20 has a metal bar handle that extends over the top. To top it all off, they feature rubberized feet on the bottom to help prevent it sliding around.

There are multiple color options available including desert tan, ice blue, pink and white. There are also many sizes too chose from, with what is right for you depending on your needs. When making a decision, you should consider things like how long the trips you take are, so how much you are likely to need to store. Another consideration is whether you go alone or not, as some of the larger coolers would be difficult to carry solo.

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Will there be Yeti Tundra Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals in 2023?

As the holiday season continues to approach, many avid outdoor enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the highly anticipated Yeti Tundra Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Since its inception, Yeti Tundra has carved a notable place in the market as a leading brand in high-performance rotomolded coolers. As a result, many question whether there will be any discounts or exclusive offers on these top-of-the-line coolers come the 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping craze.

Yes, these coolers are awesome, but they are certainly at the higher end of what you might expect to pay for a cooler! Therefore, it is likely worth checking back nearer November for Yeti Tundra Black Friday deals. You are probably wondering what kind of sales might be available, well that will depend on the model. Based off some of the sales in the past, we think Yeti Tundra Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts in the region of 5-25% on some of the range are possible.

We’re hoping to see the Tundra discounted, and will be sure to post any Yeti Tundra Black Friday deals we find right here.

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