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TomTom Watch Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

TomTom Watch Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guide

TomTom are a company that produces a range of navigational, mapping and electronics products. Their GPS devices for motorists saw them catapulted into the limelight back in ’04, but they now have a range of other products including the TomTom Bandit action cam and fitness GPS watches. Here are some of the things you may want to think about when looking out for TomTom GPS watch Black Friday deals during 2023.

TomTom Watch Black Friday Buyers Guide
  • Battery Life – A feature that tends to vary depending on the watch mode or features enabled e.g. smartwatch, activity tracking, GPS, Bluetooth, GPS + Bluetooth.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Does it have a built-in wrist based HR monitor?
  • Accessories – Are there any included or is it compatible with extras? E.g. external heart rate monitor, Bluetooth headphones.
  • Fitness Tracking – What metrics does it track? e.g. time, distance, pace, calories, sleep etc. Can it estimate fitness indicators like fitness age and VO2 max?
  • Training Modes – What training modes does it have?
  • Sports Modes – What sports modes does it feature? E.g. run, bike, gym, swim, treadmill, trail-running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding etc. 
  • Music Player – Some models have a built-in music player.
  • Smartphone Notifications – Can it connect to your smartphone to enable notifications on the watch face?
  • TomTom Sports App – Some models are compatible with the App, where you can view, track and analyze your activities.

This is only an overview of some key points to look out for and we recommend to read up fully whenever you make a purchase. Check out a comparison of some of the key specs of the Runner, Cardio and Adventurer TomTom watches this Black Friday below.

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TomTom Runner Watch

TomTom Runner Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

TomTom Runner 3

TomTom Runner 3 Black Friday sales

TomTom Spark Watch

TomTom Spark Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts

TomTom Spark Cardio 

TomTom Spark Cardio Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

TomTom Spark 3 WatchTomTom Spark 3 Black Friday or cyber monday offers

TomTom Adventurer Watch

TomTom Adventurer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

TomTom GPS Fitness Watch Summary

 Model Battery Life* Screen Size Resolution Water Rating Built-in HR Monitor
 Runner Up to 10 hours (GPS Mode) 22 x 25 mm 144 x 168 5 ATM
 Runner 3 Up to 11 hours (GPS Mode) 22 x 25 mm 144 x 168 5 ATM
 Spark Up to 11 hours (GPS Mode) 22 x 25 mm 144 x 168 5 ATM
 Spark Cardio Up to 11 hours (GPS Mode) 22 x 25 mm 144 x 168 5 ATM ✓
 Spark 3 Up to 11 hours (GPS Mode) 22 x 25 mm 144 x 168 5 ATM
 Adventurer Up to 11 hours (GPS Mode) 22 x 25 mm 144 x 168 5 ATM ✓

*This is the battery life TomTom state on their website for GPS mode only. Please be aware that usage may vary in practice, as well as in other watch modes.

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Could there be any Black Friday & Cyber Monday TomTom Watch Deals for 2023?

These watches have some pretty cool features, so it would be nice if there were some TomTom watch Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals to make them a little more affordable! But how likely is it that discounts will be available? Well, TomTom face pretty fierce competition from the likes of Garmin and Fitbit, so some sales could be a good way to win over consumers. We predict Black Friday TomTom fitness tracker deals could see the price fall up to 40%, depending on the model. Any TomTom watch deals we find on Black Friday 2023 we will post here, so return at the end of November.


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