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Snapchat Spectacles Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Are you ready for some of the best Snapchat Spectacles Black Friday deals? If you’re a fan of recording your life in a fun and convenient way, then prepare to upgrade your Snap-game this holiday season. We have found what we believe are the top offers from various retailers that are sure to make your purchase worthwhile. From discounted prices and exclusive packages to bundled sunglasses, keep reading to find out more about all the amazing ways you can save big while upgrading to these stylish specs just in time for the holidays!

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Snapchat Spectacles Overview

Spectacles are the first hardware product from Snap Inc. (previously known as Snapchat), which could mark a change in the company’s direction.  They’re snapchat glasses/sunglasses with a camera that records up to 60 frames per second at eye level. The video syncs with the Snapchat app on your phone where you can edit the video as you would normally edit a snap, and share it with your friends and followers.

If you love Snapchat, we think you’re going to love the Snapchat Glasses. This is a totally new product and we’re hoping to see Snapchat Spectacles Black Friday discounts in November 2023. But first, here’s our review of the pros and cons.

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What we like: 

  • Great battery life.
  • The sunglasses are good quality.
  • Wide angle lens
  • They capture hands-free at your eye level, which is something really unique. It’s an angle you wouldn’t capture with your phone or any other device for that matter.
  • The footage feels really personal as it’s captured exactly how you see it, moments are captured all that more naturally.
  • Filters, emojis and adding text. Once the video is synced with your phone, you can edit it just like a regular snap.
  • They don’t actually need to be connected to a phone to work, you can just connect it and sync your videos later.
  • They shoot circular video, so you can rotate it without losing part of the frame!

What we don’t like: 

  • The camera only works with Snapchat.
  • Video only, you can’t take photos.
  • If you take lots of videos, it can take a long time to transfer them to your phone.
  • No lenses or face filters. Unfortunately, it looks like the face detection is still a way off coming to Spectacles.
  • The spectacles are pretty pricey.
  • The sunglasses are too dark inside or at night time, plus we felt kind of stupid wearing them anyway!
  • The video and audio quality is good but we think it could be a lot better.

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Spectacles - Sunglasses for Snapchat

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Who are Snapchat Spectacles aimed at?

Sporty types and people who want to capture moments in action – having your hands free means you could potentially snap something like a basketball game. However, for something like a skydive, you’d probably be better off getting an action camera.

Parents and pet owners – we think being able to capture exactly what you see when you play with your child, or throw a ball for your puppy is great. We really believe Spectacles capture a different angle to your phone or other devices.

People who want to film hands-free –  We found it really useful not to have to use your phone to capture those moments. Think about when you’re at a music concert, cooking, or dancing around the house.

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What about Snapchat Spectacles Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023?

Snap Spectacles have been notoriously difficult to buy up until recently when they were released on Amazon. This is Snap Inc’s first flagship product so we’re hoping to see significant sales as they try and break into the smart eyewear market. Our advice is to buy on Black Friday, as with similar products in the past stocks have not lasted until Cyber Monday. If we find some good Snapchat Spectacles Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals we’ll aim to list them right here.

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All things considered, this Black Friday presented a unique take on the classic day of deals and savings, particularly with the Apple announcement and Snapchat’s Spectacles. From discount prices to new ways to watch our streaming service, it felt good to get a jump start on holiday shopping. It can be easy to forget about the positive energy and time spent browsing discounted products that were once unavailable. Therefore, we encourage everyone to take advantage of deals like these while they’re still available! Remember our website for any future gifts or desired items you may want – happy shopping!

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