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Kano Computer Kit Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Sales

Are Black Friday Deals on Kano Computer Kits Likely?

Since you are here you are probably wondering what the chances are of Black Friday deals on Kano computer kits. Well, the Telegraph stated the company have already confirmed the Kano computer kit will be reduced by around 33% on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023, but below we dive into a bit more detail about what to expect. Alternatively, check for Kano deals below.

Last update was on: June 4, 2024 9:54 am

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Who are Kano?

Kano are an innovative new company who produce build your own computer kits designed to teach kids the basics about electronics and coding. The company was founded after a massive Kickstarter campaign, which resulted in them receiving backing from none other than Steve Wozniak!

Since then, Kano have built up an impressive range of DIY computer and electronics kits. Most recent, and potentially the most exciting, is the Harry Potter Wand building and coding kit. Through hundreds of Apps, tutorials and challenges, kids can get an interactive introduction to the world of coding and computing.

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Kano Computer Kit Price PredictionKano Computer Black Friday & Cyber monday predictions

The original computer kit from Kano comes in two packages, one with a monitor screen and one without. So we think Black Friday Kano Computer kit deals are going to vary on the model in question. Sales history for the basic kit without a monitor suggests we could see Kano Computer kit Black Friday deals on this model up to 34% off. However, our analysis predicts more modest Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts on the Kano Complete kit of around 25%.

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Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit Discount Prediction Black Friday discounts on Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

This new build and program your own wand kit is bound to be a hyped product for Christmas 2023. So we think Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit Black Friday discounts are less likely. This is because we think the product is likely to fly of the shelves regardless, so it doesn’t make sense for Kano to put it on sale. We could be wrong of course, and will be still be looking for Kano Harry Potter Kit Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

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Kano Computer Kit Touch Deal Analysis Are Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals likely on the Kano Touch Kit?

The Touch edition is another new product in the Kano line. This differs from the standard computer kit in that the monitor included features touch functionality plus additional Apps and challenges that go with that. Given it was only released in September 2020, there is very limited price data and what there is does not show any discounts as of yet. That said, some Black Friday deals on the Kano Touch Kit could be a good way to kickstart sales. Again we will be monitoring and posting any we find right here.

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Kano Computer Kit Black Friday Summary

With the Kano Computer Kit’s Black Friday discount, this is the perfect time to start exploring your interest in technology and coding. By building, coding, and playing with your own computer kit, you will gain insight into the world of tech that can help you develop a better understanding of how tech works and how best it can be used. Furthermore, you will join an ever-expanding community of users and have access to plenty of resources for learning more about coding, programming, hardware assembly, and much more! Take advantage of our website to check out the reviews, and pricing details and order a computer kit quickly today before this exclusive Black Friday offer runs out!

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