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Moonlite Projector Black Friday 2023 & Cyber Monday 2023 Sales & Discounts

Moonlite Bedtime Story Projector For Your Mobile Phone

The Moonlite is a projector that clips onto your smartphone to project images on the bedroom wall whilst you read. After a successful Kickstart Campaign, the Moonlite is planning to ship in November, so we’re hoping for Moonlite Black Friday deals to be released around this time!

Reading bedtime stories is a wonderful activity for parents and children to unwind and bond after a long day. Bedtime story reading is thought to nurture creativity, imagination and reading ability. The founder of Moonlite thinks storytime reading is an important part of every child’s development and has a startup which hopes to add to the storytime experience.

The Moonlite uses the flash from your smartphone to project from a reel of images onto the wall. The words for the story appear on the screen of your phone. So it’s easy to read and switch between the two and still stay engaged in the story. There are also a few sound effects which create a full visual audio experience. To top it off, there is also page detection software which will change the page based on the image you are on.

Moonlite projector black friday 2018

The Moonlite projector is currently available for pre-order and we think it will become a really hot product this year. We hope to see Moonlite Black Friday deals as we approach November time, however, we are unsure what to expect as this is such a new product. We will keep this page updated with any news we find on the Moonlite Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this 2023 so check back.

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