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Kuri Robot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Kuri Robot Overview

Kuri is an adorable house robot by Mayfield Robotics which is expected to be released late 2023.  This cute little robot looks like a robot designed by Pixar, ready to make your day just that little bit happier.

Kuri robot black friday and cyber monday deals

The functions of Kuri at the moment do seem quite limited, and the market for a house robot this high-end might be equally limited. But this could be a glimpse at the future of smart home robots.

For some families, this might be a better alternative to keeping a pet. Kuri is also a great security robot, with her awesome space detection, live streaming HD video, and Audio.

Key features:

  • Audio: Kuri’s speakers deliver a rich audio experience – enough to comfortably fill most rooms. Kuri would be perfect for playing music, reading bedtime stories or even telling your dog to get off the couch!
  • VideoKuri has a camera behind her eye capable of capturing live HD video and photos in all sorts of light conditions. Her live streaming makes her the eyes around the house when you’re not home.
  • Space detection: Kuri has incredible space detection and is smart enough to detect movement. Whether your child has returned from school, or your pet has gone outside, Kuri can detect what’s going on in your home.
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Kuri Robot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

We are yet to see whether Kuri brings us any kind of Black Friday or Cyber Monday discount. Keep an eye out though, and if you see any discounts, be sure to let us know!

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