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Aristotle baby monitor Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2023

Aristotle Baby Monitor Product Overview

First, we had the Amazon Echo, then the Google Home, and now there’s a Smart speaker designed for kids! The company behind the product is called Nabi, which is owned by Mattel.  The speaker promises to engage and understand your child’s language from a very young age, and as they grow up throughout the years. This is promising to be a hot product this Christmas.

Aristotle Baby Monitor Black FridayAristotle Smart Speaker Key Features

Automatically knows when your baby wakes up – it then sends them back to sleep by lighting up with their favorite color, a bedtime song or white noise.

Interactive features – It can read bedtime stories, help with homework, play games, light up with different lights

Mountable camera + Aristotle app – the Aristotle comes with a separate camera which connects to both the smart speaker and the app which you can mount in your child’s room. It has powerful recognition software and knows when your baby wakes up or starts crying. Through the app, you can choose in advance how Aristotle should react.

Learns your child’s language – it can be difficult for smart speakers to learn the language of an adult, so there’s an obvious challenge of learning a child’s language. The software of the Aristotle is designed to learn as your child uses the speaker, so the more they use it, the better it gets.

Foreign-language lessons – Nabi have said this is meant for older children.

Can make orders for you – Aristotle knows if you’re running out of diapers or any other product for that matter. It links to Amazon, Target, and other retailers and can make purchases based on your preferences.

Aristotle Baby Monitor Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The Aristotle Smart Speaker has not been released. Bundled with the camera and app it is quite expensive compared to some other smart speakers and baby monitors. However, considering that it’s a Bluetooth speaker, camera, a baby monitor, smart lighting, and more, all these items separately could be considerably more expensive. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we could see this product fly off the shelves so make sure you’re quick if it comes on sale.

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