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Top 3 Garmin Vivosmart Black Friday Deals for 2023

Garmin Vivosmart Black Friday

The vivosmart is a sleek, lightweight smartwatch and fitness tracker from Garmin. There are a number of models to consider for the vivosmart this Black Friday with some different designs and features. You can take closer look at the series below. If you would like to purchase one, be sure to look out for any vivosmart Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals as there could be discounts available.

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Garmin vivosmart

Garmin vivosmart Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

vivosmart Key Features
  • Display – 34.4 mm x 3.5 mm touchscreen with OLED display that activates upon double tap, also slide to navigate to different pages. Shows steps, distance traveled, calories burned and the time.
  • Notifications – Link device to smart phone to get notifications for calls, texts, emails and more with vibration. Also alerts after one hour of inactivity, cleared with a short walk.
  • Tracking – Automatically syncs to Garmin Connect App on smart device to access activity data.
  • Goals – Learns activity patterns over time and automatically assigns personalized activity goals.
  • Design – Slim wristband style, coming in small or large and a variety of colors.
  • Waterproof – Up to 5 ATM, find out the limits are here.
  • Battery Life – Garmin state it lasts up to 7 days.
  • Accessories – Pair with heart rate monitor or bike speed sensors (sold separately) for additional data.

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Garmin vivosmart HR

vivosmart HR Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

vivosmart HR Key Differences
  • Display – Always-on display designed to be readable in sunlight, slightly different size of 25.3 mm x 10.7 mm.
  • Design – New design that resembles the vivofit 2. Has extra button for marking start of activity and more traditional watch style strap.
  • Heart Rate Tracking – Has HR sensor built in so you can track HR from the wrist. Allows more accurate calorie data to be calculated.
  • New Metrics – Can measure floors climbed, active calories – calculates the extra you have done over your resting metabolic rate, intensity minutes – records your total activity time during a day.
  • Shorter Battery – Garmin state a battery life up to 5 days.

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Garmin vivosmart HR+vivosmart hr+Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

vivosmart HR+ Key Differences
  • GPS – More accurate tracking of distance and where you traveled to.
  • Battery Life – Garmin state it lasts up to 5 days, reduced to up to 8 hours with GPS on.
  • Move IQ – Designed to automatically tell the difference between types of activity and then creates ‘Event’ in Garmin Connect.

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Garmin vivosmart 3vivosmart 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

in stock
6 new from $79.00
as of May 14, 2024 9:38 am
in stock
6 new from $51.40
1 used from $69.99
as of May 14, 2024 9:38 am
out of stock
as of May 14, 2024 9:38 am
Last updated on May 14, 2024 9:38 am
vivosmart 3 Key Differences
  • Design – Revamped design of original vivosmart, with slightly shorter and wider 9.6 mm x 19.2 mm display. Also returns to dimmed display when not active.
  • Elevate Heart Rate Tech – Slimmer than the two HR models, but still features Garmins new Elevate HR monitor technology that is able to measure VO2 max – a measure of aerobic fitness. Can also calculate heart rate variability as an indication of stress levels.
  • Rep Counter – Can count reps during strength training.
  • Strap – Same buckle-type strap as HR & HR+.
  • Battery Life – Garmin state it lasts up to 5 days.

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Might Garmin put out any Black Friday & Cyber Monday vivosmart Deals for 2023?

So now you know the major differences between the devices in the range you are probably wondering about the vivosmart Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. The models in the range vary quite a lot in age and we think it is more likely there will be Black Friday vivosmart discounts on the older models. There could be price reductions on the newer releases, but we think they will likely not be as hefty. Be sure to return here for any Garmin vivosmart Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal news for 2023.

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As you have seen, purchasing a Garmin Vivosmart on Black Friday is the ideal way to get your hands on a top-quality fitness tracker and save money. With impressive features such as personalized coaching, fitness progress tracking, and of course music playback functionality, this device is sure to take your workout to the next level. Additionally, our website offers detailed product reviews for any product you might be interested in purchasing, ensuring you’ll know exactly what you’re getting! So don’t hesitate, take advantage of these Black Friday deals now and enjoy the benefits of owning an advanced Garmin Vivosmart for years to come. Thank you for reading, and happy shopping!

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