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23andMe Black Friday Sales & Cyber Monday deals 2023

23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

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23andMe DNA Test - Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service - 75+ Online Reports

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What price will 23andme be on Black Friday in 2023

We’ve seen substantial 23andme Black Friday sales and discounts in the past on seasonal days such as Black Friday and Prime day. In fact, we even rated the genetics kit as one of the hottest products in 2018. Will there be 23andme Black Friday deals in 2023? Could there be 23andme Cyber Monday discounts too? Our analysts think its highly likely. Looking at previous price history, our analysts found a substantial drop of around 35% in the period leading up to Black Friday in 2023:

23andme black friday deals 2018

The product has since seen a lot of price movements, both up and down, but our analysts are predicting further 23andme Black Friday sales in 2023 on the genetics kit, and they also think it’s likely that these discounts will carry through to Cyber Monday as well. If you’re looking to buy this personal genetics kit, we think its worth waiting to see whether there are any 23andme Black Friday price reductions, as this will likely be the best time to buy.

23andMe Genetics Test Overview

23andMe is a direct to consumer genetics test that can give you detailed information on things like your ancestry, as well as if you’re carrying genetic diseases which you could potentially pass on to your children.

But how does it work? Well after you order the kit you will receive a saliva collection kit, which is where your sample DNA comes from. Follow the instructions in the kit, which basically involves spitting into a tube, then send it back to the lab for analysis. The lab will then extract, multiply and sequence your DNA. They will then run a series of tests to look for things like genetic diseases, health indicators, as well as look into your ancestry. Within roughly 6-8 weeks you will then receive a report analyzing over 75 different components.

23andMe black friday & Cyber Monday deals

Is the information actually useful?

If you are a bit of a science geek, you will probably find the whole process of analyzing your DNA interesting regardless, but how else might it be of value? Some of the reports are just a bit of fun, such as whether you have the genes to grow a uni brow or go bald, whilst the ancestry reports might have personal value.

On the other hand, finding out if you are a carrier of a specific genetic disease could prevent you from having children that suffer from those diseases. For example, some genetic diseases require two carriers to reproduce in order to produce offspring that suffer from the disease. So, although it might not be the easiest decision, it could help you to choose partners or plan for the future. Other reports can tell you if you carry certain genetic markers that put you at risk of developing some diseases later in life, which could lead to you taking preventative actions now to reduce the risk.

23andMe Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: What to expect

23andMe was also discounted heavily discounted during Prime Day in 2023. This shows that 23andme have previously jumped on the seasonal sales bandwagon. We’re expecting to see similar discounts around the time of Black Friday and Cyber deals week in 2023. If we come across and 23andMe Black Friday deals, we’ll list them on this page, so come back soon for updates!

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