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Kérastase Smart Hairbrush Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

Are you looking for a smart, innovative way to care for your hair? Look no further, as Kérastase Smart Hairbrush Black Friday deals that will make styling easier and hassle-free. Their unique design will help minimize tangles and knots while also caring for your scalp with delicate cleanliness, the perfect companion on any journey towards beautiful, healthy locks. On top of this, their incredible tech-enhanced system provides regular performance checks to ensure optimal brush function no more guessing or trial & error! From now until the end of Black Friday weekend Kérastase is offering unbeatable discounts so don’t miss out!

What is the Kérastase Smart Hairbrush Hair Coach?

The Kérastase hair coach is the worlds first Smart Hairbrush. The smart hairbrush is designed to measure the quality of your hair, and analyze different brushing patterns. The Hair Coach then gives you personalized advice on how to keep your hair healthy.

The smart hairbrush connects to your smartphone, and the sensors data is sent to a mobile app. The app is clever enough to take in factors like humidity, air temperature, UV and wind into consideration. As soon as you start brushing, you start collecting data and you’ll be one step closer to a healthier head of hair!

Hair health

Brushing quality

Personalized advice & product recommendations

A microphone and conductivity sensors provide insights into hair’s manageability, frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage to provide a hair quality score.

Brushing patterns, pressure applied and brush stroke counts are analyzed to measure effectiveness of brushing habits.

A personal diagnosis is provided to you after each use offering personalized tips and real-time product recommendations.

Kérastase Smart Hairbrush Black Friday Deals

The smart hairbrush is set to be released in fall of 2023, just in time for the holiday season. This is a new innovation in the hairbrush space, so we’re hoping to see Smart Hairbrush Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals as Kérastase bring the smart hairbrush to market this holiday season. We’ll list any Smart Hairbrush Black Friday deals we find right here, so check back nearer the time!


With Kérastase Smart Hairbrush Black Friday deals around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in this revolutionary product. Get your hands on a Kérastase Smart Hairbrush and be part of the hair revolution today! With its countless features, ability to provide insightful analytics for personalized care plans and easy-to-use app, this pioneering product is undoubtedly a must-have item for anyone looking to take their mane care routine to the next level. These one-in-a-lifetime deals will only be available online and by taking advantage you will make sure you have access to top of the line hair products at affordable prices.

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