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360fly 4K Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Are you looking for the best deal on 360fly 4K Black Friday? This year’s sales are going to be better than ever, with discounts and offers that will make it hard to turn down upgrading your home equipment. Are you getting ready to capture some incredible memories in stunning 4K resolution? Or plan to get new video gear for work or a special project you’ve been dreaming about starting? If so, read on as we take a look at all of the amazing deals available this Black Friday.

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Find out more about the 360fly 4K 360 Degree Camera this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The 360fly 4k is a 360-degree action camera from a company called 360fly. It’s one of the first true action cameras to enter the exciting 360-degree camera market.

In many ways, it feels similar to a GoPro, but there are many differences which make it unique. It comes as a great little package with editing software, so let’s have a look at the key features so you can decide if it’s worth waiting for the possible 360fly 4k Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals in November.

You can trust a camera which uses its own footage in its marketing.  Check out the awesome quality:

360fly 4k Key Features

  • Great design – it’s portable, robust, lightweight orb. Apparently, the inspiration behind the design comes from a flies eye!
  • One camera not two – unlike other 360-degree cameras on the market, it has one lens, which means it doesn’t have to stitch two clips together. All the footage comes from one feed which makes it a much cleaner image.
  • 16-megapixel image sensor – it really is a beautiful, highly robust lens. The multiple layers of glass prevent the chances of any damage.
  • Attachable to other accessories – the quarter-inch magnetic screw on the bottom is great for mounts and other accessories.
  • Waterproof – 360fly claim the camera is waterproof up to 130 feet.
  • 64GB internal storage.
  • Desktop editing software – the Editing Bay works really well and is purpose-built for working with 360-degree footage. This is so important and makes this a great little package.


  • Great app with lots of functionality, allows instant sharing to Facebook, Youtube, and other social networks.
  • Desktop editing software is simple to use.
  • The video quality of the 360fly 4k is much better than some other cameras on the market.
  • Having 1 lens is a big plus as it means no stitching.

360Fly 4K Action Camera and Accessory Bundle with Camera Mounts + XPIX Tripod + Case + Fibertique Cleaning Cloth

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  • Although it can capture 360 degrees horizontally. Vertically, as there is only one lens, it can only capture 240 degrees.
  • The microphone could be better.

360Fly 4k Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The 360fly is an awesome little action camera package, which comes from a really great company. In our opinion, it’s totally worth the price. This is a great Christmas gift for people who are into extreme sports and brings a completely unique way to capture video. We think the 360fly cameras will fly off the shelves during Black Friday and deals week 2023, so don’t miss your chance to grab one!

Final Thought

To sum up, for any budding filmmakers or photographers out there who want to take their work up a notch, the 360fly 4K Black Friday deals are too good to pass up. This is one of the most innovative and versatile cameras on the market right now, so make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. If you have any questions about these deals or about the product itself, please stop by our website and read many of our blogs that delve deeper into just what makes this model so great. So take advantage of this limited time sale while it lasts and start taking your videos to the next level with 360fly 4K!

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