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Race & Battle this Boxing Day & New Years with Anki Overdrive

The long and short of it: build your own track to race & battle with artificial intelligence (AI) remote control super cars. Now tell me that doesn’t sound awesome? 

Anki are fast becoming a big name in the robotics toy industry. Their cute AI robot Cozmo has been massively popular since it’s release last fall, bagging awards including the Stevie American Business Award. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Overdrive is also very popular and should also be available to buy this Boxing Day & New Years. Will there be any deals? Past discounts have seen Overdrive reduced by around 30-35%, so we could see similar if Anki decide to put out Overdrive Boxing Day & New Years deals. We won’t know for certain until the day though!

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Anki Overdrive Starter Kit Overview

In Overdrive, players use their mobile devices to take control of robotic remote control super cars. The aim of the game is to win races using skill and virtual weapons – from flamethrowers to plasma guns. Face your friends, or AI controlled vehicles which learn and adapt to play better against you.

Key Features
  • Incredibly easy set up – ‘effortless by design’, Overdrive is ready to go right out the box. The track is super easy to put together, and the app guides you through every other step.
  • Diverse playing field – You can build up to 8 tracks with the starter kit, but there are several expansions available for purchase. These include jumps, corners and a collision cross road! Anki have also recently released a Fast & Furious edition with all new track and cars.
  • 25+ AI personalities – AI software in the vehicles allows each personality to learn and develop the more you play. They adapt and make decisions based on the playing environment and the objectives. The more you play, the better they get!
  • Several game modes – including Battle, Race, Time Trial, and King of the Hill keeps things interesting.
  • Software updates – Updates with fresh content keep things interesting. These may include new weapons, game modes and enhancements.
  • Unlock upgrades – Battle and race to unlock upgrades such as new weapons & car modifications.
  • Extras – Anki are often releasing extras such as super trucks, more cars & track extensions.
  • High-tech hardware – includes an optical sensor, 50MHz CPU, and two high performance motors which facilitate maneuvering with 1 mm accuracy!

What Anki Overdrive Boxing Day & New Years deals for 2017 might we see?

Now you know what Overdrive is all about, you may be interested in looking for a deal on it this Boxing Day & New Years. Last year Anki offered some discounts on Overdrive, so we are hoping for the same this year. But when should you buy? It might be worth waiting until New Years day Overdrive sales, but Overdrive could sell out so it might be a risk. Check for any info on the Overdrive Boxing Day & New Years deals for 2017 by returning to this page to see if we have found anything new!

Anki Overdrive Boxing Day & New Years deals

  1. Reply
    Millie87 December 1, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Is this set compatible with the new Fast & Furious edition? My son has this one already but wondering if the two can be used together

    • Reply
      Deals Team September 11, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      Hi Millie, thanks for the question. All pieces of track and cars are compatible with any piece from the first edition or the new Fast & Furious edition, as well as with any parts from the expansion packs.

  2. Reply
    Ingey Connell February 9, 2017 at 5:35 am

    I got Anki Overdrive for my son on Black Friday. He initially wanted Cozmo but it was sold out so got this instead. So glad I did as he loves it! Thanks for putting me onto it I would not have found it if I had not found your site!

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